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Business Technology Services

Offering clients flexible service choices that address their unique needs

Accelerate your business with the right technology

Your success requires a business partner that understands the commitment for success. Our flexible and custom technology solutions allow businesses to transform their operations through technology, enhancing efficiency, productivity and profitability. Digital businesses don’t need to be complicated. Dijitle delivers streamlined solutions to enhance your core business functions, creating new channels to engage employees and connect with customers.

Take The First Step: Digital Business Assessment

Dijitle’s expertise and proven process starts with us interviewing you, your leaders and your businesses subject matter experts to understand your business. We want to know and document:

  • Business Goals – vision and objectives for your business.
  • Current State – business processes and the challenges that hinder your growth.
  • IT Footprint – the current technology solutions used in your environment.
  • Scoping – the opportunities where technology can enable and bring value to your business.

However, this time isn’t just for our benefit.

Through interviews and workshops here are a few quick wins you and your people will experience within days of working with us:

  • Workflow Clarity – Exactly how work is done. What works well and why (so we can keep it) and what doesn’t (so we can change it).
  • Increased Engagement – Participants feel heard and are included in brainstorming what the future can, and should, be.
  • Collaboration Opportunities – Facilitated knowledge transfer between departments that don’t always have a chance to work together to find solutions.
business technology assessment
develop technology roadmap

Accelerate Your Business: Develop Your Technology Roadmap

From your Digital Assessment we understand where you want your business to be in the future, and where your business is now. Next, we articulate the steps between these two points; the Technology Roadmap.

We will provide you with your options, our recommendations and coach you through each of the decisions below. We manage the process; you make the decisions. Together we will find the right solution for your business.

Once we start working with your team, everyone is going to want their future state to be implemented first! Of course, that’s not how it goes and so, with your help, we will have to make the decision on where we start. A number of dependencies, technology and business will emerge once that decision is made and the roadmap will begin to take shape.

This is the map! Here is the list of activities we will be implementing from data integrity work required upfront, to the user training required. From drafting a request for proposal from vendors, to selecting the solution. From the first priority to the last. This is your vision, planned and budgeted. You can count on us to provide you with a clear breakdown of costs and what functionality you are buying.

Start Your Move to Digital Today!

Tailored Business Solutions: Implement Solutions Designed For You

Your Technology Roadmap, executed. We manage all of the activities and vendors identified and provide regular communications to you and your employees on how we are moving forward are going and what to expect next.

Specific examples of where we have helped clients include:

  • Industry and Business-specific Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions
  • Office365 evaluation and implementation
  • CMS selection and implementation
  • Custom website development
  • Inbound marketing and website integration
  • Agile and custom web application development
implement technology solutions
chief technology officer

Engage A CTO: Technology Leadership for Small Business

After the solution has been implemented and your people are trained on how the new technology is integrated into their workflows, it’s time to measure our results against your original business goals. It’s also time to make new business goals.

Our CTO service is structured as an ongoing, affordable, fixed-price service focused on keeping your business up to date with technology as needed. Engaging with a Dijitle CTO delivers a trusted advisory who:

  • Ensures technology solutions align with the overall roadmap and business goals.
  • Evaluates vendor options and consistently measures vendor performance.
  • Provides oversight and management of your technology ecosystem.
  • Evolves your technology roadmap, making sure it is on track and up-to-date with relevant options and solutions.
  • An agile and affordable approach to technology leadership tailored to your unique needs.