Project Description

Southern Messenger needed to update its systems and processes. Knowing that without implementing technology, there was little opportunity for profitable growth. A high-touch courier and trucking company, Southern was successful, but was also stuck with a highly manual and paper-intensive set of processes.

After much operational discovery and careful evaluation of software options, we decided to implement CourierComplete. Looking to streamline and automate much of the repetitive work in ordering and dispatch, CourierComplete allowed Southern to spend more time focused on its customers needs and provide a better level of service across its operations.

Not without challenges, implementing an off-the-shelf software solution, required Southern to modify many of their current business processes while at the same time, maintain the service their customers had come to expect. Managing customer expectations and training staff became the most important aspects of the implementation project.

While still relatively new, the CourierComplete software has given Southern the ability to track, measure and evaluate its operations much more effectively. Their customers have adopted the new customer portal (with adoption growing) and the staff has been able to focus on delivering services more efficiently.

Project Skills

Project Management, Business Analysis 100%
Solution Selection 100%
Solution Implementation 100%
Courier Complete 100%
Cloud 95%

Using a proven approach to understanding business requirements and objectives provided the foundation to evaluate and select the right software for Southern Messenger. Working closely with the client and the software vendor, we built an implementation plan that took in to account the ability of Southern and its clients to adopt a new way of doing things.

Ensuring we minimized business disruptions, we took our time to properly configure, implement and train all involved in the new system and processes. Additionally, having a solution based in the cloud (Software-as-a-Service) eliminated the need for a large up-front hardware investment, but put the onus on the software vendor to provide system availability assurances and data backup services. This allowed Southern to focus on its core business – serving its customers.

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