Project Description

Project Brief

We started working with a client in mid-2018. Looking to disrupt their industry and build a true differentiator and competitive advantage, we began an exercise of designing a fully-integrated web/mobile platform.

Through comprehensive discovery and requirements gathering, conceptually designed a mobile-first platform, detailed out the requirements and built an application roadmap. Collaborating with our client, we’ve set the stage for a full agile web development project.

Key Milestones

Skills Needed

Conceptualizing a new platform and building a plan requires an interesting blend of project management, design and creative skills. Understanding the vision and researching what’s what takes time – time well spent. A thorough analysis of the market, the competition and getting a feel for where a new product will disrupt are all activities provide value, well before any development work is done.

Spending significant effort up front not only helps you to design a stellar platform, it helps to ensure you’re spending your investment dollars in the right place to get to market quickly.

Project Planning 98%
Business Analysis 98%
UX/UI Design 96%
Product Roadmapping 98%

Understanding the Vision

Working with our client, we uncovered an unmet demand for digital services in their industry. Working closely with key leaders within the client organization, we built a common vision for the future, focused on filling this gap.

Discovery & Requirements

To build a successful platform, gathering broad perspectives and input is critical. Through many detailed discovery sessions, we were able to understand the current pain, the service challenges being experienced and having “what if” conversations.

Concept Design

Analyzing the information from our discovery sessions, we were able to define, design and prioritize. Building process documentation, user experience design mockups and detailing a application roadmap are all critical to building a strong foundation of success.

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