Project Description

Project Brief

Our client was looking to completely overhaul its’ technology footprint. Looking for improvements across operations – finance, supply chain, manufacturing, customer service and sales – everything was on the table.

We engaged in a 6-month long engagement looking to develop a technology architecture and digital business roadmap. Working closely with key people from across many business units and departments, we embarked on a journey of innovation and digital enablement.

The Challenge

Completely overhauling technology at a mid-sized organization is not without its’ challenges.

Growing through acquisition and without technology standards & policies had created solution sprawl across departments. Additionally, as a leader in its own industry, innovation and flexibility are core to our clients’ mission. Any technology changes would need to address standardization and integration across the organization while still maintaining the need for operational flexibility and responsiveness.

The Solution

Through our methodical and collaborative approach, we guided the client through a series of individual and team workshops focused on identifying operational commonality. Finding similarities was key to building a solution architecture spanning the entire operation.

Building out detailed business process documentation, identifying gaps & opportunities within and across organizational boundaries and employing teamwork and change management, we delivered a concise solution architecture and accompanying roadmap to help our client achieve it’s digital business objectives.

Project Deliverables

Digital Business Analysis
Solution Architecture
Gap Analysis
Technology Roadmap

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