Your ability to understand the customer experience is critical to growth, profitability and differentiation. The challenge we have in a business-to-business context is that there are often multiple channels a customer can engage with your business. But this is why knowing your customer experience journey is so important.

Have you ever sat down and tried to figure out how your customers buy from you? Do you know why they keep coming back? Or more importantly, why they don’t?
You might be asking, why is it important? Here’s why.

Think about some of your own personal experiences, maybe it’s a vacation, a great meal or your last big purchase. What about those experiences made them memorable? In a consumer context, the way in which you’re treated as a customer has a huge impact on your decision to recommend to friends, to become a repeat customer or conversely write a negative review or complain to your family.

The customer experience is where your business can distance itself from your competitors.

In our experience working with clients, we’ve found many do not have a complete view on how their customers interact with a business across various channels. We’ve witnessed customer service agents asking customers for the same information that a service technician has already gathered from the same customer. There are numerous examples of customer experience shortfalls that I could detail here, but what I really want to talk about it how to fix it.

There are two must-haves to fix your customer experience challenges.

First, you must have a single location to store your customer contact information. It doesn’t have to be an enterprise-grade CRM – the important point here is that you have a process in place to record and maintain customer contact information that everyone in your business has access to.

Second, you must have a process that allows your staff to record every single customer interaction. Every order, every phone call, every client visit has to be consistently recorded.

You may have noticed in both points I’ve made, the focus in on having a process. Consistent, repeatable & simple are the keywords you should take away from this post.

Yes, there are digital solutions that can help you bring this information together. To be successful, start with a process that makes sense for your business, only then search for a digital solution that best fits with your overall process.

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