It seems like every day there’s new platform being launched with features and functions that can be applied to just about any business problem. While the power of software-as-a-service is great for small business, the volume of options available can be overwhelming. You might be wondering – “How can I use software as a service to help grow my business?”

Let me give you one example of how three popular platforms can be use to address a common business issue faced by many small businesses.

We have a client who wanted to bring more consistency and structure to its’ social media strategy. The client is diverse enough to need a few key staff included as part of the planning and content creation process. The challenge was coming up with a solution that allowed them to collaborate, manage content and monitor engagement, without costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month.

Understanding how the client wanted to manage their process was a big part of building the solution and getting it right. Since we knew how the overall process was going to work, we combined Airtable, Zapier and Hootsuite to align with how they wanted to run their process. Customizing each piece of software and using simple automations provided a solution that simplifies the process and helps get everyone on the team is on the same page.

The best part about this solution, each one of software pieces was free to get started. We planned, played and adjusted with each piece until we found the best path forward. Another great benefit of using software as a service is the flexibility and scalability it provides. As we learn, we can adjust – easily and on the fly.

Don’t be afraid to try different things, find one that works for your business. Just get started.

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