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So you’re wondering where to find your data. You’re buried under a mess of spreadsheets and information from your accounting software. You’re probably struggling to keep up with running your business and at the same time trying to make decisions on product lines, inventory, customer retention and growth.

You likely don’t know there are some inexpensive, and in some cases, free solutions that can help you bring all this data together, help you prioritize and make better business decisions – without having to retool how you’re currently operating.

Business intelligence software has come a long way in the last couple of years. A BI platform gives you the ability to aggregate spreadsheet, extract data from your accounting systems and build reports, tables and dashboards with relative simplicity.

  • Do you want to determine your most profitable product lines?
  • How about making decisions on where to streamline your inventory, or assess growth and expansion opportunities.

BI software can help you simplify your critical reporting in one location and help you analyze all this business data.

If you’re on Office 365, Power BI is a great option to look at. Microsoft offers a free trial for its subscribers. Just like the rest of the 365 suite, it’s cloud based and offers a large variety of data connectors, allowing you to easily bring your data together and generate graphical views of your business performance.

Another option is Zoho Analytics. With preconfigured data connectors, you can analyze customer purchase patterns, bring in your Quickbooks data or connect to a variety of individual workbooks – there are thousands of different combinations.

Sometimes finding the best option is simply sitting down and starting.

  • How much time could you free up if you could easily analyze your data at a click of a button?
  • How many more customers could you get in front of?
  • How much working capital could you free up?

The great thing about these most BI platforms is they are relatively easy to setup and get started. And the fact they are cloud-based, makes your time only investment you need to make. What else could you be spending time on if you weren’t searching through spreadsheets for the latest sales data? Ask yourself, what’s keeping you from starting today.

What data challenges do you have? How have you solved them? Send your comments and questions along.

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