3 Early Benefits of a Digital Business

When you make the decision to implement new technology in your business the time to “go-live” is long. The steps required to ensure success, and the time to implement them can seem endless. You might even find yourself asking if that promised level of productivity and efficiency is worth it!

It is! And we have a few opportunities for you to experience increased efficiency and productivity while you take those steps.

1. Understanding how you currently work.

Selecting the right technology for your business requires you to understand how you work today, so you can clearly identify what you need from the technology. That means slowing down, turning off auto-pilot, and documenting the steps that make your day go ‘round.

Sound painful? It can be until you realize that an activity you do on auto-pilot is actually causing more problems down the line; auto-pilot is actually less efficient. Or you discover that a problem is caused by not following the process; so you start following the process. And training just got easier because you have some tools to share and they have something to reference.

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2. Increased collaboration within your organization.

The collaboration benefits are within your team, and across teams. Through the documentation of your work flows your team can come together to discuss the required steps. This is a great opportunity for you to update your own knowledge of what your team does, and a way for them to share the details between them. Maybe someone even has a workaround that works better across more than one work flow!

After your team has agreed on a set of work flows, go further and reach out to the department you work with the most. What are their work flows? How do your work flows come together? What can you do to work better together?

When your people can articulate how they work, what inputs they need to create the right outputs, the challenges they experience and how often, they are immediately put in a better position to share and problem solve with their colleagues. That efficiency and productivity you are waiting for that you believed would only come at at the end of this journey? Enjoy it now!

3. Learning new best practices and new ways of working.

You’ve documented your work flows, identified how you want to work in the future and now it’s time to interview and select what technology solution that fits best with your organization. It is also an opportunity to learn from the experts you are inviting into your organization.

I know what you’re thinking; a representative who demonstrates their solution to you is only concerned about selling you their solution. True. But they want to do this by looking like an expert. By answering all of your questions specific to their technology solution and innovative trends in your industry – what are other businesses doing, achieving, measuring?

Have your key stakeholders ready with the hard questions related to your challenges and how you want to work in the future. But also stay open to new ideas that don’t fit directly into your flow but could be the answer you didn’t think of. If it’s not crystal clear to you why a functionality is the way it is, ask. This will help to secure your decision and might offer learning opportunities for your business as well.

Your business will certainly experience significant benefits when your technology solution is implemented and adopted. But as they say… “success is a journey, not the destination”.