How Much is IT Really Costing Your Business

23 Questions You Should be Asking

We often talk about technology in terms of the investment required to come a true digital business. Did you know there are hidden costs that you may not be aware of that are costing your company in ways you likely aren’t measuring!

Here are six potential areas that you should analyze and the 23 questions you need to ask before starting your digital journey.

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Collaboration & Communication

The ability for your staff to work together effectively has a large impact on your profitability and customer satisfaction. The ways in which they interact with each other and with clients can either help or hinder their success.

  1. How do your employees work together? Is it different depending who you talk to?
  2. Do you seem to spend a ridiculous amount of time looking for a file or document?
  3. How many tools or platforms are you using to communicate? Internally & Externally?
  4. Are you effective in how you work together as a team?

Process Inefficiencies

Challenges in working together often stem from processes that are not well-defined, work in silos or through organizational inertia. To get value from technology, you have to work through your processes before looking at the supporting solutions.

  1. Is it clear how the departments and people work together? Do they understand how what they do impacts others?
  2. Have you assess how well your technology enables your business processes?
  3. Do you have your processes and workflows documented? Are they up to date?
  4. What are you doing that doesn’t add value to your customer

Organizational Effectiveness

The ability to track progress is to ensure you are measuring the impact of your execution. Implementing technology often leads to a short-term dip in effectiveness. Having a measurement plan in place and adjusting to actual results can minimize disruption and keep you on track.

  1. Are you measuring the right things? Are you measuring anything?
  2. How many times per week do you address customer complaints? Staff complaints?
  3. Is it clear how you build value for your customers? Is it clear to everyone?

Technology Sprawl

The Platform-as-a-Service economy has made it simple to test, subscribe and use new solutions. Additionally, having software and solutions that are not shared across the company increases the likelihood solution sprawl. Taking an inventory of what you currently have and why must be done before moving forward with anything new.

  1. Do you have a list of software and technology you’re using? Do you know it’s purpose?
  2. Are you sure the list is complete?
  3. Are you using the technology to the best of its abilities?
  4. What solutions are providing the same (or similar) functionality?

Customer Experience

Having a consistent way in which customers use or consume your products & services is more important today than ever. Having digital solutions that support your customer experience can lift your business to the next level.

  1. Do you have a clear definition of how you want your customers to experience working with you?
  2. Are your customer engagements consistent across channels and departments?
  3. Does it seem like you have more customer service issues than you should?
  4. Can your customers get hold of you when they have questions?

Employee Experience

Happy employees make for happy customers. Having technology that enables your staff to be the best they can be will improve business performance. Including your staff in understanding how digital can positively impact the business is just great practice.

  1. Are your employees engaged in continuous improvement?
  2. Do you hear complaints from staff about the inability to find customer or transaction information?
  3. Have you trained your workforce on standard business processes and practices?
  4. Are you processes and practices documented?

After thinking through these questions, you’ve likely realized opportunities for improvement. Maybe you also noticed, most of the questions really had nothing to do with technology. A digital business is more about the business and people than it is about the digital.

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